Our school has a long tradition in imparting meaningful and challenging learning experience in a warm and positive environment.

Matching with the above statement, the new academic year 2019-20 bloomed at the garden of Bharrathi Vidyashram in the month of April 2019. Teachers were given a 3 day’s induction program to make the frame work for the whole year.

All set for the year and school reopened for students on 13th June 2019.

Appointment of Senior Principal, Mr.Krishnamachari (Young by heart, enthusiastic byactions, stocked with knowledge and experience) in the month of September 2019 brought a new dimension to the school who has determined to raise the school to the CBSE level. Sir has contributed a lot by introducing Composite Lab, Math Lab, improving the School Library with addition of essential books and periodicals.

The 1st Principal of our school that is to be affiliated to the CBSE, Mrs. AGNES SELVI, an experienced Academician, vibrant Team Leader, Energetic Motivator, A Go Getter, A Trend Setter got appointed in the month of October, joined hands in upgrading the school to the CBSE level.

With her untiring determination to bring CBSE flavour to the school, the Librarian, the Special Educator, the Health and Wellness teacher, Art & Music teachers and a PE teacher also got appointed.

The redesigning of the time table, exam frame work, the Assembly Practices, Parental moulding in early age in Kindergarten level,  CCA, Clubs, the POCSO activities, the Safety – Security measures taken for the students and staff got strengthened and stream lined that would meet up with the expectation of the CBSE Bye Laws.

Every Child got an opportunity to Test, Experiment, Attempt, Challenge, Enjoy and Achieve their potentials through a properly sketched activities, both inter & intra school competitions.

To improve the academic part of the institution, teachers were given Orientation Programs, Seminars and Knowledge Sharing Programs periodically. The input given to the teaching community evolved out as the best performances brought out from students in examinations, MEAs, CCA –  Club Activities, Outreach Activities, Project Day,  Inter-Intra Competitions and felt through their improved personal and social behaviour, hygiene and values. The school Corresponden Mrs. Meenakshi. S an inspiring person, always stands for the school stays as a driving force for all the milestones to come true for the Bharrathi Vidyashram, which is her Dream Baby.

Every special day of the year and festivals were observed with traditional touch of respective event and Counselling for parents, students and teachers as well for academic and behavioural excellence of the students. Gender Sensitivity, Remedial planning meetings with parents for slow learners and POCSO awareness programs were conducted to students at different levels and The school staff ,the drivers , housekeeping staff and the security were given enough training to stay alert in safeguarding oneself and others especially the  students from any type of emergency and threat. All the adult staff of the institution was given enough instructions to maintain their limits and immediate information to the Principal was made mandatory to every member of the school including parents for any doubtful attitude of the staff and service providers.

February 29th – the Special day of the Leap Year left a remarkable event of Cultural Day of our school. As it’s the culture of the school to display a thematic program for parents, the eminent personalities of different stream were invited to honor the chief guests, the PARENTS OF BHARRATHI VIDYASHRAM. The Principal of D.G Vaishnav College, Dr.Geetha, The SWAMIJI from Ramakrishna Ashram, Chengalpattu.

Our Cultural Program THE TAAL – 2020 left an unforgettable moments of colourful display of the North East India’s folk dances, The folk dances of Tamil Nadu, A play that focused on The Conservation of fertile land, the preservation of rivers that irrigates the agricultural land and finally the dance presentation on the discipline to be followed to groom the learning style of students.

The Annual examination was scheduled between March 9th and March 13th. March 13th was the last working day of the academic year and declaration of results and issual of report cards was announced for 20th of March which afterwards got announced to be start of the LOCK DOWN due to COVID 19 and we closed our school, with the prayer to the Almighty, surrendering all of us in HIS hands, taken the next academic year’s planning work all my Staff including myself returned to our homes with a confused mind of WHEN SHALL WE MEET?.
With this I am signing off for now. With bundle of knowledge and experience to become tuned to the NEW NORMAL CONDITION will catch you up with an interesting narration of next academic year 2020 – 2021. May Nature Bless Us All! Ever in action to give the better service to the Nation through Education!
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